Holme Pierrepont Running Club
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Q. Where do you meet?

A. Main reception area of Holme Pierrepont Country Park, Adbolton Lane, NG12 2LU

Q. When do you meet?

A. Monday & Thursday at 6:45 for 7pm Start (except bank holidays)

Q. Can I just turn up to an evening session?

A. Yes, we have a duty runner to help you find a suitable group

Q. Is there a charge to attend a session?

A. No charge per session just an annual membership fee once you are sure we meet your needs

Q. Who do I need to see on arrival?

A. You can ask for the duty runner but we will often spot you first

Q. I am new to running can I attend a session?

A. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate complete beginners. We do offer beginners and improves courses from time to time, keep an eye on the web site

Q. How fast / far do people run?

A. There are various groups ranging in pace from 10mins per mile to 7:30 mins per mile or faster if the right group gets together. Distance can vary with pace from 4 miles to 10+ miles

Q. I can run ** miles at ** pace will I be fast enough?

A. See above but if in doubt come along and try us out, you will not be left behind

Q. Do you accept juniors?

A. We’re sorry, we are unable to accept members under 18 years old

Frequently Asked Questions