Long Distance Track Champs Results

Well done to everyone who competed in our first long distance track championships. Several new and inaugural records were set.

Here are the results:

25th March 2018, Bingham
Athlete Category
5,000m – Heat 1 (sub-20 minutes)
Eddy George 17:29.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
James Kirkwood 17:42.2 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Neil Cooper 18:51.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Alex Ferrari 19:48.7 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
5,000m – Heat 2 (over 20 minutes)
David Hodson 20:21.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
Geoff Pennington 20:44.3 Beeston AC M50
Charlie Pearce 21:17.1 Beeston AC M45
Mark Rowlson 22:40.3 Beeston AC M50
Nigel Adcock 22:53.7 Beeston AC M45
Chris Bexton 23:20.9 Beeston AC W55
Stuart Brook 23:36.0 Holme Pierrepont RC M65
Jackie Welburn 24:10.5 Beeston AC W35
Katie Holmes 24:49.3 Holme Pierrepont RC W50
Simon Heaton 25:34.1 Holme Pierrepont RC M50 M50 5,000m inaurgual record
Peter Gale 26:51.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M50
Friedel Plant 27:25.1 Holme Pierrepont RC W70 W70 5,000m record
Matt Grainge 37:32.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M40 M40 10,000m inaugural record
Will Meredith 37:58.8 Holme Pierrepont RC M40
William Scott 70:49.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M70 M70 10,000m inaugural record

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