Track is Back!

Following the successful return of Monday night club runs, Tuesday night track sessions are now starting again at Bingham Leisure Centre on 13th October at 8 pm!

This is managed through the same booking system as the Monday night runs, with a ‘Track’ option to select alongside the other Monday night paces.

If you happen to sign up on the Monday or Tuesday, you’ll be signing up for the session on the following week (not the one the next day or that day!).

In order to remain ‘Covid-secure’ these will initially be limited to 2 groups of 12. Each group will have a leader taking the session. As with the Monday nights, we’ll try this approach for a month and then review it. 

We don’t know yet how much demand we will get but hopefully, everyone will get to run. You’ll receive a confirmation email if you are successfully booked in on the Friday before the session. 

Please note, you cannot access the leisure centre building for any reason. This means there are no toilets or changing facilities.  We will share details of how to access the track once you have booked onto a session.

As always, if you’ve got any suggestions or questions, please could you email them to so we can ensure they are dealt with in the most consistent way possible.

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