AGM – Updated

Thanks to all of you who attended our virtual AGM and to Steve Eatherington who pulled all the strings technically to make it happen.

It’s great that despite not being able to meet and train together very much during the past year, we’re still thriving and so much is still going on thanks to so many enthusiastic people.

We elected a new committee and we welcome Lauren Johnson as Vice Chair, Hannah Matharu as Minutes Secretary and Dan Pickup as a general member.

We must thank Tom Davies who is standing down this year as he spends more time away – Tom has contributed a huge amount in recent years – Aimee Palace, who has given us three years as Minutes Secretary and John Partridge, who has stood down from the role of Publicity Officer after three years.

We’re still looking for someone to fill the Publicity Officer’s role, so if you think this could be you, contact us or speak to Jogger if you’re down on a club night.

AGM Minutes

Chair’s Report

Events Secretary’s Report

New committee

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