The club maintains lists of road and track for men and women in all age categories.

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If you would like to make a claim for a club record please email Tom Davies at

There are a couple of club rules with regards to club records which are essentially the same as those for the annual club championships. For road records the course distance must be certified by the Association of Course Measurers (events which have been certified usually include the certificate number or measuring wheel symbol within the event details or event website. Alternatively certified races are listed here).  The course should be classified as road and not trail, mixed terrain etc. Track records are to be from recognised track events with approved/qualified timekeepers. It would typically be expected that results from both road and track races would be available on the Power of 10 website.

Recent updates

All records last updated 31/05/19.

There have been some records set by both men and women since the last update published at the end of 2018.

Road records

There have been some impressive club records set by a relatively new member of the club, Daniel Bagley.

In February Dan broke Trevor Radford’s all-time club record for the half marathon which has stood since 1985 with a time of 1:11.06 at the Asics Race on Track half marathon in Cheshire. Dan followed this up by setting a new club record for 20 miles with a 1:51.43 in his home town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch beating Paul Fooks’ record which had stood since 1998. Dan continued his fine form at the London marathon in late April to set a new all-time club record of 2:27.32 beating Stewart Gregory’s previous record from 2006. As an aside, Craig Taylor finished close behind Dan at the London marathon in a time of 2:30.02 which was also quicker then the previous club record. Excellent running by both Dan and Craig.

The best club parkrun times in the senior men’s category has swapped hands a few times over the last few months with Daniel Bagley, Oliver Matharu and Jack Roffe all setting club bests at one time or other. The current holder is Jack Roffe with a time of 16:26 set at Mansfield in March earlier this year.

Duncan Martindale set a new club best time for the M55 category with an impressive 17:58 at Rushcliffe in March. Whilst back in November John Oldfield set a new record in the M75 category with a time of 24:04, also at Rushcliffe.

Track records

As far as I’m aware there have been no records set on the track since the last update.

Tom Davies

Track records

Men’s Records

100m 12.3 Simon Leadley 2008
200m 25.6 Simon Leadley 2008
400m 58.2 Michael Miller 2018
800m 2:08.63 Graham Moffatt 2015
1500m 4:27.43 Graham Moffatt 2015
Mile 4:44.2 Matt Nutt 2018
3000m 9:33 Paul Roome 2017
5000m 15:45 Matt Nutt 2017
Lake 15:06 Stewart Gregory 2003
parkrun 16:26 Jack Roffe 2019
5K 16:00 Stewart Gregory 2006
5 Miles 25:56 Stewart Gregory 2004
10K 33:06 Stewart Gregory 1998
10 Miles 52:41 Stewart Gregory 2005
Half Marathon 1:11:06 Daniel Bagley 2019
20 Miles 1:51:43 Daniel Bagley 2019
Marathon 2:27:32 Daniel Bagley 2019

Ladies Records

100m 14.8 Anne De Rover 2015
200m 31.0 Anne De Rover 2015
400m 1:11.4 Gina Granger 2016
800m 2:46.8 Anna Heaton 2017
1500m 5:40.0 Christine Heaton 2017
Mile 5:47.08 Dorothy Michalak 2002
3000m 11:36.7 Hannah Sampson 2018
5000m 18:12 Lesley Cliff 1993
Lake 17:21 Linda Robb 1987
parkrun 19:43 Christine Heaton 2017
5K 18:12 Lesley Cliff 1993
5 Miles 29:50 Linda Robb 1989
10K 37:51 Linda Robb 1987
10 Miles 1:00:47 Linda Robb
Half Marathon 1:22:41 Linda Robb 1990
20 Miles 2:18:18 Mary Mills 1997
Marathon 2:55:56 Linda Robb 1989