The club maintains lists of records for road and track and for best performances (in races where distances are not certified) for men and women in all age categories.

The ‘Times only’ sheet gives a quick overview for both Records and Bests.

The ‘All time’ sheet gives the fastest time for each distance, over all age categories.

The other five sheets list the details of each performance by event.

Times only

All time

Mens Road Records

Womens Road Records

Mens Track Records

Womens Track Records

Club bests

To make a claim for a club record please email Christine Oldfield at

Claims should include name, time (say if electronic or manual), location or name of race, full date and source or link where details can be verified.

There are a couple of club rules with regards to club records which are essentially the same as those for the annual club championships. For road records the course distance must be certified by the Association of Course Measurers (events which have been certified usually include the certificate number or measuring wheel symbol within the event details or event website. Alternatively certified races are listed here).  The course must be classified as road and not trail, mixed terrain etc. Track records are to be from recognised track events with approved/qualified timekeepers. It would typically be expected that results from both road and track races would be available on Run Britain or Power of 10 websites.

Update at 1st August 2020

Listings were re-formatted and updated during July 2020 and any new claims will be posted once verified. New records and bests will be reported in Running Free.

Up to now, records have ‘disappeared’ from the website whenever they have been broken. From May 2020 onwards lists will be maintained of ALL records set, and they will be published on the website periodically. Members can request a copy of these lists at any time by using the email address above.