Improvers Course

Are you looking to run further than 5k? If you are, then our “5-10k; the easy way” course starting in September might be of interest. This course is aimed primarily at non-club members.
This is a six-week course designed specifically to help those who can already run 5km (e.g. a parkrun) in 30-35 minutes and want to extend their distance to 10km. An experienced set of run leaders will lead small groups, gradually increasing the distance each week, with a 10km, timed run on the final week. Both male and female leaders will be there each week, so there’s no need to be shy. The group size will be around 20, split into smaller groups of 3 to 5, each with its own run leader. We expect to be in daylight each week, so routes will vary. Some will be on roads, some on riverside tracks or a mixture of the two. Our group of friendly leaders are all trained, experienced runners so there are eager to help you achieve your goals. AND IT’S FREE!

Lake Handicap

Congratulations to Shaun Cross, first across the line on a humid, windy night that made for challenging conditions and unusually, almost half the field were outside their handicap time.  It was tough out there. We even tempted the heavens to open briefly as we sat down for the club photo.

Results now updated with standings after 2 races.

The final race of the series is on 3rd September.

Race 2 results

Summer League Returns This Week

The Summer League is back on Wednesday 11th June over one of the most scenic courses in the series through Sherwood Forest. Starting at Worksop College, it’s just under 5 miles mainly on road, with about a mile of track through the forest on the way back. We’re aware that there is another sporting event happening that night but just press the record button or head to the establishment of your choice for the second half!

Final Grand Prix Results

We’ve had a terrific Grand Prix this year with some of the warmest races we’ve seen in years. Thanks to all of you who took part and to the very many HPRC members who made it happen. We hope to see you all back next year.

Congratulations to our series winners, Cameron Smith and Jamie Whittaker. Jamie also led home the victorious Erewash womens team and Formula One took the mens team prize.

Colwick results

Overall results

Mens Teams

Womens Teams

Our series winners Jamie Whittaker and Cameron Smith

Dream Mile 4th June

The wind blew!

It came from the east for once, but we had a good tailwind for this year’s Dream Mile and we had some great times. Fastest was RAC’s Marlon Dunkley, with Oliver Matharu the fastest HPRC runner and the only one to break 5 minutes.

Name Time
Marlon Dunkley (RAC) 04:39
Marc Scott (RAC) 04:42
Steve Dickens (RAC) 04:49
Oliver Matharu 04:56
James Scott (RAC) 05:01
Graham Moffatt (RAC) 05:04
Neil Cooper 05:06
Duncan Martindale 05:07
Will McNulty 05:07
Tom Davies 05:11
Will Meredith 05:11
Richard Kelsey 05:11
Rob Nason 05:17
Matthew Grainge 05:25
Mark Wyszynski 05:28
Keith Jamieson 05:32
Ed Ducker 05:35
Colin JK Hallam 05:39
Rob MacDonald 05:40
Christine Heaton 05:42
Gary Cragg 05:48
Stuart Turner 05:49
David Corbett 05:49
Natalie Hoffman 05:53
Simon Ross 05:54
Peter McConnochie 05:56
Chris Allen 05:58
Janet Atkinson 05:59
Shaun Harrison 05:59
Tony Madge 05:59
Paul Griffiths 05:59
Joon Ho 05:59
Joseph Eccles 06:00
Glyn Sawford 06:04
Rupert Killik 06:06
David Hodson 06:06
Luke Rising 06:06
Ruth Brandon 06:07
Rachel Dearden 06:09
James Nichols 06:09
Jogger Devonport 06:13
Rob Smith 06:13
Darren Fisher 06:15
Michele Noble 06:16
Jack Tomlinson 06:16
Ann Gould 06:18
Simon Leadley 06:18
Lisa Chan 06:20
Abigail Cast 06:24
Euan Henderson 06:25
Sarah Tyler 06:26
Jonathan Irvine 06:27
Neil Gregory 06:40
Vicky Thurlby 06:44
Richard Ranby 06:44
Stuart Brook 06:47
Simon Heaton 06:54
Elouise Dobson 06:58
Penny Durance 07:03
Andy Sharp 07:03
Amy Matharu 07:07
John Oldfield 07:11
Rachel Grant 07:12
Katie Holmes 07:13
Rachel Samuel 07:13
James Middleton 07:53
Lucy Chadborn 08:15
Dick Durance 08:19
Derek Rose 08:30
Becky Orford 08:41
Friedel Palnt 08:44
William Scott 08:47
Sandy Poole 09:01
Neil Hamilton 11:52



Club Championships Update

How are you faring in the 2018 HPRC Club Championships? Paid-up members are eligible to call themselves club champions over a range of distances from 5 miles to a full marathon each year. The current standings have been updated at the end of April. Don’t forget – you must be paid-up to qualify! Results are taken from the monthly summary in Running Free. If you think that I’ve missed one, please email me at

Long Distance Track Champs Results

Well done to everyone who competed in our first long distance track championships. Several new and inaugural records were set.

Here are the results:

25th March 2018, Bingham
Athlete Category
5,000m – Heat 1 (sub-20 minutes)
Eddy George 17:29.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
James Kirkwood 17:42.2 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Neil Cooper 18:51.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Alex Ferrari 19:48.7 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
5,000m – Heat 2 (over 20 minutes)
David Hodson 20:21.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
Geoff Pennington 20:44.3 Beeston AC M50
Charlie Pearce 21:17.1 Beeston AC M45
Mark Rowlson 22:40.3 Beeston AC M50
Nigel Adcock 22:53.7 Beeston AC M45
Chris Bexton 23:20.9 Beeston AC W55
Stuart Brook 23:36.0 Holme Pierrepont RC M65
Jackie Welburn 24:10.5 Beeston AC W35
Katie Holmes 24:49.3 Holme Pierrepont RC W50
Simon Heaton 25:34.1 Holme Pierrepont RC M50 M50 5,000m inaurgual record
Peter Gale 26:51.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M50
Friedel Plant 27:25.1 Holme Pierrepont RC W70 W70 5,000m record
Matt Grainge 37:32.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M40 M40 10,000m inaugural record
Will Meredith 37:58.8 Holme Pierrepont RC M40
William Scott 70:49.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M70 M70 10,000m inaugural record