Squares NIGHT 2021

Our Annual Squares night will be held on Monday 13th December 2021 at the Poppy and Pint PH, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay.

Due to the current Covid situation, we’d be grateful if you could take a Covid test before attending.

Please do not attend if you have any Covid symptoms.

This is a great night raising money for charity. It follows the Senior Ladies V Men’s V50 Challenge. This annual race was started many years ago, when club member Bernard Jarvis unearthed a piece of research which suggested that a senior lady ought to be of a similar standard to a V50 man. We’ve been putting it to the test every year since in a variety of formats. It now takes the form of a 5K race around Lady Bay, before Squares Night.

Runners need to arrive a little early to collect their numbers from the main building at HPP and then jog out to Skylarks which is where we start at 7.15pm. Volunteers from amongst non-racers are always welcome as marshals. Don’t forget we can use the shower facilities afterwards at HPP.

Now, for those club members asking “What is Squares night?” In previous years, members would buy ‘squares’ and if your numbered ‘square’ was drawn, you win a prize. However, last year due to Covid and members unable to attend club nights to buy squares, we set up a charity page for members to donate online and names were drawn out of a hat at the HPRC Committee meeting. This proved to be really popular and a more efficient way of collecting donations. So, instead of buying squares – we would like you to make a donation on our Just Giving page.

We have no limit as we understand times are difficult, so every pound we can raise counts. For every pound donated your name goes into the hat. So the more you donate the more chance you have of winning one of the fantastic prizes. ALL donations go to the charity.

The Charity we have chosen to support this year is Cerebral Palsy Sport. This fantastic charity provides opportunities for people with Cerebral Palsy to be physically active and enjoy sport. For more information please visit www.cpsport.org

A Just Giving page has been set up for HPRC members to donate to this charity and the link is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hprc

Also, on the night there are various presentations and, although no certificates will be given out for the Club Championship this year, there are other presentations for fastest marathon, fell champs, track champs and the Ernie Berry trophy. There will be no London marathon draw this year.

Squares night is a great opportunity for ALL members of HPRC to come together for a bit of a social! There will be a survey sent out in the weekly email nearer the time, to confirm your attendance.
Many thanks in advance for your kind donations and we hope to see you all there!

Stay safe and happy running!

CoViD-19 HP Virtual Relay!

In these strange and worrying times where races are cancelled and even social runs are a big no no, our friends at RAC have shared a great idea that will boost morale and be FUN!

Come and join us in the CoViD-19 HP Virtual Relay!  Register HERE


There are 2 teams – Odds and Evens. Your year of birth dictates which team you are in. For example, if you’re born in 1980, you are an “Even”. You get the idea? The relay kicks off on Sunday 22/03/20 (hopefully) with a random name picker app selecting the first 2 runners. …We may nominate 2 captains or may not!

Where can you run (or jog, skip, walk, hop if you’re injured!) I hear you ask?… anywhere – if you can do it outside – great! If not  – on a treadmill (not in a public gym!),  around your backyard, your living room, up and down the stairs – whatever is possible for you!

The relay will continue until the virus ends or we get bored. At that point, The winning team will be the one with most distance covered.


  1. The first runners for each team will be selected by a random name selector (already done). If you are picked, please confirm that you can run that day. Don’t worry if you can’t, you’ll get another chance and you can just select the next runner in your team from the google sheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14ENc3nIVkcImF1HAwBjkm0aAjcT-i0-6FoOKC_XYVYU/edit?usp=sharing.
  2. Each runner runs for 19 minutes (aka a “Hardcastle”) and records the distance covered – via Strava, GPS or “old skool” (OS map and a piece of cotton).
  3. Each runner MUST carry a baton. The sillier, the better. There probably will or will not be prizes…
  4. Once a runner completes their run, they must post pictures of themselves and their baton plus the distance covered on Facebook (or email Lisachan@live.com, who will post it) then update their time in the google sheet (in step 1) and also nominate some one on the same team from the sheet – if they don’t nominate someone, Lisa can use the random name picker to select the next runner.
  5. The team that has covered the most ground at the end of the challenge, wins the much-coveted Covid-19 trophy!
  6. In the event of a draw, no one will care.
  7. Each team must include athletes of all ages, genders and haircuts.
  8. Each team can “play their joker”. That runner gets double distance!
  9. Daftness is encouraged.
  10. It is a competition, but no one cares who wins.
  11. Expect the rules to change mid-relay.

Annual Dinner

Don’t forget the our annual dinner is on 25th January 2020 at the new town friendly venue of Alea Casino (108 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 6LF)

It’s a smashing event and is great for new members to get to know existing members and for everyone to have a good old catch up! For more details check out the SOCIAL EVENTS link at the top of the page.

Also, don’t forget to let us know your menu choice if you’ve already paid by filling in the google forms HERE

Summer League Race 2 (Flowserve, Newark)

What an amazing turnout from the club for the 2nd Summer League race at the Flowserve Sports & Social Club in Newark on Wednesday. This race is now a certified 10k road race, which meant everyone had to shuffle back a fair bit on the night to accommodate what seemed like a record turnout! This made the out and back course seem even narrower than usual but this didn’t daunt our crew. PBs were recorded by many and the results speak for themselves with HP coming up top for all four Senior and Vet teams for both Men and Women on the night and in the overall standings so far.


On the night results:

Senior Mens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 99
2 Mansfield Harriers A 146
3 Sutton Harriers A 210
Vet Mens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 117
2 Mansfield Harriers A 126
3 Long Eaton RC A 131
Senior Womens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 48
2 Notts A C A 77
3 Sutton Harriers A 128
Vet Womens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 88
2 Notts A C A 104
3 Erewash Valley A 140

Overall results so far:

Senior Mens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 143 44 99 143
2 Mansfield Harriers A 306 160 146 306
3 Sutton Harriers A 374 164 210 374
Vet Mens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 270 153 117 270
2 Mansfield Harriers A 310 184 126 310
3 Long Eaton RC A 330 199 131 330
Senior Womens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 138 90 48 138
2 Notts A C A 177 100 77 177
3 Southwell R C A 368 182 186 368
Vet Womens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 156 68 88 156
2 Notts A C A 186 82 104 186
3 Erewash Valley A 237 97 140 237

Please note, these are preliminary results and may be subject to change. For full results see the NOTTS A.A.A website

Summer League Final Results are in!

We’ve had yet another smashing success this Summer League season with medals and trophies galore won by our amazing ladies and gents! Gold went to our Senior and Vet Men’s teams and our Women’s teams won the silver in both Senior and Vet categories,

Individual medal winners:

Category Name Medal
Master 35-44 (M) Alex Loach Bronze
Master 35-44 (W ) Claire Goodman Bronze
Ladies Open Chrstine Heaton Bronze
Master 45-54 (W ) Christine Heaton Gold
Master 45-54 (W ) Ruth Brandon Silver
Master 65-75 (W ) Chrstine Oldfield Silver

Full results can be found here.

A big thank you to everyone that came and ran, cheered and/or supported the races this year as without you putting in the hard effort we wouldn’t have been able to achieve these fantastic results! Also a huge cheer needs to go to Jean and Jogger for being the amazing captains they are! 😊

Now that the Summer League races are over, don’t think that we can rest on our laurels as XC is just around the corner – bring on the Freddos!

Summer League update

With 2 out of 5 races completed, HP have performed outstandingly yet again, with the men leading in both the senior and vets category and our ladies coming a close 2nd in both! This means that overall our men’s team are currently in 1st (senior) & 2nd (vet) place and our ladies are currently standing 2nd in both senior and vet.
Detailed results can be found here

Remember, these races are free to all club members  – You just need to turn up wearing your club top (and preferably the rest of your running kit!). Also, don’t worry if you don’t think you’re fast enough to take part, in fact the more club members take part in the races, the better it is for the club regardless of speed, so please have a go if you haven’t been before as they’re really fun social events in some really excellent locations!

HP represent Nottinghamshire at the British Fell Championships

Three Holme Pierrepont RC members represented Nottinghamshire at last weekends British Inter Counties Fell Running Championships held as part of the Lad’s Leap race in Derbyshire.
Gina Granger, Sam Williams-Duncan and Tom Davies donned the green Notts vest and took on some of the countries finest fell runners (from much hillier counties) on a swelteringly hot day in the Peak District.
Nottinghamshire didn’t feature towards the top of the results tables but it was a great day out on the fells and excellent to have three club members representing the county.
Results here…

HPRC goes to London!

It was a scorcher last Sunday (22/04/2018) at the Virgin London Marathon, but that didn’t stop our indefatigable and hardy HP crew! We had 26 official finishers that braved the sweltering heat that was the hottest London Marathon in history! Results and a few finish line videos are below:

Place overall Place cat. Name Runner no Category Half Finish
151 119 Taylor, Craig (GBR) 1439 18-39 01:17:11 02:40:14
429 306 Nutt, Matthew (GBR) 1794 18-39 01:17:57 02:49:45
1468 877 Barron, Andrew (GBR) 32066 18-39 01:28:49 03:04:57
1750 331 Nathan, Arry (GBR) 25672 40-44 01:32:02 03:08:20
3063 1481 Sutherns, John (GBR) 20445 18-39 01:39:09 03:20:52
3227 16 Madge, Anthony (GBR) 27899 60-64 01:34:22 03:22:16
3452 228 Cupitt, Emma (GBR) 27450 18-39 01:37:29 03:23:57
3538 698 Jerome, Rob (GBR) 26946 40-44 01:35:44 03:24:32
5231 964 Wynn, Matthew (GBR) 20444 40-44 01:36:03 03:36:06
6371 1117 Meredith, Will (GBR) 26591 40-44 01:34:00 03:43:06
8161 1058 Cragg, Gary (GBR) 26985 45-49 01:42:34 03:53:05
8266 248 Atkinson, Janet (GBR) 27489 45-49 01:45:52 03:53:35
10256 330 Harrison, John (GBR) 27201 55-59 01:48:56 04:03:17
12856 1769 Tyler, Sarah (GBR) 27417 18-39 01:49:05 04:16:27
14604 15 Jarvis, Bernard (GBR) 29914 70+ 02:06:11 04:24:27
15326 2235 Smith, Jo (GBR) 40277 18-39 02:01:44 04:27:35
15675 872 Ruston, Nicola (GBR) 7549 40-44 01:50:14 04:29:00
19652 1129 Watson, Becky (GBR) 3468 40-44 02:13:53 04:45:59
22068 1596 Redgate, David (GBR) 38203 50-54 02:07:42 04:56:01
22251 3674 Tipping, Naomi (GBR) 53954 18-39 02:14:29 04:56:45
26359 430 Savage, Peter (GBR) 19807 60-64 02:14:49 05:15:44
26965 2768 Litchfield, Simon (GBR) 45612 45-49 02:22:54 05:18:25
28931 5374 Williams, Sahata (USA) 50435 18-39 02:30:10 05:27:43
31763 3113 Armstrong, Richard (GBR) 43951 45-49 02:26:29 05:43:25
33185 428 Whitehead, Susan (GBR) 3103 55-59 02:42:28 05:52:13
35673 7382 Tivey, Rebecca (GBR) 56389 18-39 03:01:36 06:10:58


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