AGM 10th May 8.30pm

When: Thursday 10th May 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. after the Lake Handicap

Where: HP Country Park upstairs

Purpose (taken from the club constitution):

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HPRC shall be held in the month of April or May each year upon a date and time to be fixed by the Committee for the following purposes:

a) To receive from the Committee a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year.

b) To appoint an auditor or auditors for the ensuing year (who will not be Committee Members).

c) To elect Members of the Committee. These will be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Social Secretary and five others.

d) To elect Team Captains.

e) To consider any other matters concerning the business of HPRC as may be necessary.

For members in advance:

  • Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the AGM shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of such Meeting.
  • Any proposals or apologies to be sent through in advance.
  • Nominations for Committee Members can be sent through in advance (by 5 p.m. on Wednesday 9th May) or on the night by 8 p.m. by hand.
  • All above to be sent to the Secretary Sue Whitehead – email:

Download a Nomination Form, there are also some on the Club Notice Board.

Weekend running galore!

What a busy weekend of running we’ve had now that it seems that winter is finally over!

The parkrun challenge last Saturday 7th April was at Markeaton and a lucky 13 turned up to take part, somewhat coincidentally all 13 happened to be first-time parkrunners there too – must be a record of some sort!

Position Name Time Age Cat Age Grade Gender Pos
4 Alex LOACH 17:33 VM35-39 77.21% 4 First Timer!
6 Eddy GEORGE 17:56 SM25-29 71.93% 6 First Timer!
43 John SUTHERNS 21:11 VM35-39 63.49% 43 First Timer!
60 Ruth BRANDON 22:02 VW45-49 72.77% 3 First Timer!
85 Luke RISING 23:03 VM40-44 60.09% 78 First Timer!
113 Ann GOULD 24:12:00 VW35-39 62.81% 14 First Timer!
134 Simon HIGSON 24:45:00 VM40-44 56.43% 113 First Timer!
168 James NICHOLS 25:51:00 VM45-49 54.87% 141 First Timer!
178 Eloise DOBSON 26:04:00 VW35-39 58.31% 31 First Timer!
245 Friedel PLANT 28:05:00 VW70-74 81.96% 50 First Timer!
291 Peter GALE 29:30:00 VM50-54 50.00% 214 First Timer!
298 Phyllis CAO 30:00:00 VW45-49 55.22% 80 First Timer!
304 Brian Robert STONE 30:19:00 VM65-69 56.90% 219 First Timer!


On Sunday 8th April, it seems there were 4 main races that attracted the HP crowd and these were the Charnwood AC Open, the Belvoir (or Hose) half, the Rutland spring half and the Greater Manchester marathon –  all results and some photos are below:

Charnwood AC Open:

Distance Name Cat Time
800m Andrew Reynolds Sen 02:13.33
800m James Kirkwood Sen 02:16.74
800m Tom Davies V35 02:26.76
800m Ruth Brandon V45 02:56.48
1500m Ruth Brandon V45 05:53.50
1 mile Andrew Reynolds Sen 05:04.11
1 mile Will Meredith V45 05:24.38
1 mile Simon Higson V40 06:23.09
1 mile Katie Holmes V55 07:14.03

Belvoir (or Hose) Half:

Place Name Category Time Chip
28 Eddy George Senior Men 01:25:40 01:25:37
36 Anthony Madge Vet Men 60+ 01:27:51 01:27:49
40 Kevin Ford Vet Men 60+ 01:29:04 01:29:01
87 Neil Devonport Vet Men 60+ 01:37:41 01:37:36
114 Dan Coulson Senior Men 01:42:29 01:42:15
135 Craig Curtis Senior Men 01:45:09 01:44:46
179 Bernard Jarvis Vet Men 60+ 01:49:02 01:48:49
195 Lisa Chan Vet Ladies 40-49 01:52:15 01:51:46
200 Joanne Chalmers Vet Ladies 40-49 01:52:47 01:52:28
207 Rich Wells Senior Men 01:53:16 01:52:52
230 Rachel Grant Vet Ladies 40-49 01:56:04 01:55:43
239 Simon Leadley Senior Men 01:56:58 01:56:36
243 Clare Ablethorpe Vet Ladies 40-49 01:57:28 01:57:08
283 Derek Poole Vet Men 60+ 02:03:28 02:03:19
287 Don Ainscough Vet Men 60+ 02:04:07 02:03:34
289 Richard Durance Vet Men 60+ 02:04:33 02:04:19
328 Carole Ward Vet Ladies 60+ 02:15:56 02:15:34
337 Sarah Sharp Vet Ladies 40-49 02:19:22 02:18:55
368 Sandra Poole Vet Ladies 60+ 02:33:57 02:33:47

Rutland Spring Half

Position Cat Pos Gender Pos  Name Age Grp Net Time
46 13 44 Simon Ross M40-44 01:43:31
53 3 48 Darren Fisher M45-49 01:44:34
146 1 32 Karen Harrison F55-59 01:55:49
166 3 41 Lindsay Simpson F30-34 01:57:28
165 9 40 Catherine Stocks F35-39 01:57:28
300 22 122 Lindy Clarke F45-49 02:11:36
448 41 234 Rachel Deane F40-44 02:30:17

Greater Manchester Marathon: 

Net Pos Name Time Chip Time Category Net Cat Pos
724 Martin CLIFFORD 03:08:14 03:08:14 V45 74
3038 Chris JEKIEL 03:45:09 03:45:09 V45 369
3436 Olivia DEACON 03:49:56 03:49:56 V45 52
3786 Liz ANDERSON 03:53:59 03:53:59 V45 67
4454 Paul GRIFFITHS 03:59:43 03:59:43 V45 552

(Apologies if your results aren’t showing – this would be because you didn’t put your team as Holme Pierrepont when you registered for the race!)

Long Distance Track Champs Results

Well done to everyone who competed in our first long distance track championships. Several new and inaugural records were set.

Here are the results:

25th March 2018, Bingham
Athlete Category
5,000m – Heat 1 (sub-20 minutes)
Eddy George 17:29.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
James Kirkwood 17:42.2 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Neil Cooper 18:51.1 Holme Pierrepont RC SM
Alex Ferrari 19:48.7 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
5,000m – Heat 2 (over 20 minutes)
David Hodson 20:21.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M35
Geoff Pennington 20:44.3 Beeston AC M50
Charlie Pearce 21:17.1 Beeston AC M45
Mark Rowlson 22:40.3 Beeston AC M50
Nigel Adcock 22:53.7 Beeston AC M45
Chris Bexton 23:20.9 Beeston AC W55
Stuart Brook 23:36.0 Holme Pierrepont RC M65
Jackie Welburn 24:10.5 Beeston AC W35
Katie Holmes 24:49.3 Holme Pierrepont RC W50
Simon Heaton 25:34.1 Holme Pierrepont RC M50 M50 5,000m inaurgual record
Peter Gale 26:51.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M50
Friedel Plant 27:25.1 Holme Pierrepont RC W70 W70 5,000m record
Matt Grainge 37:32.9 Holme Pierrepont RC M40 M40 10,000m inaugural record
Will Meredith 37:58.8 Holme Pierrepont RC M40
William Scott 70:49.2 Holme Pierrepont RC M70 M70 10,000m inaugural record

Retford Half Marathon

We had a spectacular turnout for the Retford half this Sunday (11/03/2018) and it paid off with PBs smashed by Christine Heaton and Louise Read and first in category prizes awarded to Kevin Ford and Derek Poole, with Derek only having just run a full marathon two weeks prior!

Race results and some photos of the day (kindly provided by Bryn) below.

Pos Forename Surname Cat Cat/Pos ChipTime ChipPos GunTime
12 Matthew Nutt M S (009/227) 01:16:22 12 01:16:23
24 Eddie George M S (018/227) 01:19:25 24 01:19:26
41 Matthew Clapp M40 (012/224) 01:22:06 43 01:22:07
44 Matthew Grainge M40 (014/224) 01:22:20 44 01:22:22
86 Kevin Ford M60 (001/030) 01:26:16 88 01:26:21
90 Javier Cabrero M S (044/227) 01:26:27 90 01:26:32
112 Christine Heaton F45 (003/106) 01:28:14 112 01:28:23
124 Louise Read F35 (003/155) 01:29:18 124 01:29:26
129 John Sutherns M S (061/227) 01:29:47 131 01:29:54
134 Gary Cragg M40 (046/224) 01:30:15 135 01:30:23
150 Emma Cupitt F35 (005/155) 01:31:44 150 01:31:52
172 Claire Hayes Gill F35 (009/155) 01:34:04 175 01:34:12
201 Janet Atkinson F45 (007/106) 01:35:47 203 01:35:55
217 Ruth Brandon F45 (009/106) 01:36:55 218 01:37:04
222 Carly Stretton F S (007/088) 01:37:26 224 01:37:39
289 Lisa Chan F45 (010/106) 01:41:51 289 01:42:14
403 Victoria Thurlby F35 (033/155) 01:49:01 409 01:49:24
640 Derek Poole M70+ (001/006) 02:03:41 650 02:04:07
908 Sandra Poole F65 (002/005) 02:30:26 906 02:31:18

East Mids Cross Country Success

We finished the cross country season with an impressive haul of East Mids trophies. Our vet men and ladies earned a clean sweep, not only winning their series but coming second and third as well. It’s a testament not only to our fastest runners turning out but to everyone else who filled the other places. It shows our fantastic strength in depth.

East Mids Cross Country 2017-18 Overall results

Trent Meadows results

Last week in running

On Saturday the HPRC parkrun challenge descended upon Melton Mowbray, with an impressive 23 members making the trip. The reigning challenge king Alex Loach was first across the line in 18:05, with Christine Heaton (79.71%) and Julie McGeorge (77.78%) the highest age gradings.

Results Photos


Sunday was the final fixture of the East Midlands cross country league. As has been the case throughout the series, HPRC were well represented and were rewarded with victories in team categories for Senior Men’s C, Senior Ladies B, Vets Men’s A, B & C and Vet Ladies A, B & C.


Cross country of a different sort saw a few club members in the Peak District for the Wildest Peaks Trail Races, which feature either a 10.6km or 25.6km route. HPRC’s Wayne McAneaney was the winner of the Short race.

Results Photos


This weekend sees one of the biggest events in the calendar, with the English National Cross Country Championships at the iconic Parliament Hill venue. HPRC’s men’s and women’s teams will be amongst the record 9472 runners entered in the event this year.

There’s also a muddy challenge closer to home on Saturday, with the 15 or 26 miles of The Belvoir Challenge. With some of the most well-stocked bounteous checkpoints of any race, it’s “arguably the only event of its nature where entrants can put weight on“.

For those racing the clock, it’s also the Carsington Water 10K & Half Marathon and the East Midlands 10K, the latter at NWSC where “runners will take in the breathtaking views around this facility completing 2 x 5km laps of the regatta lake“!


Last week in running

40203792251_fe280dd60f_oDespite the rearranged mid-February date, HPRC were out in force at the traditional end of year Keyworth Turkey Trot. A sensational run by Matt Nutt saw him take the win in club colours in a fantastic time of 1:15:27.

The club also won the men’s team prize (Matt Nutt, Matt Clapp & Sam Williams-Duncan) and the women’s team prize (Christine Heaton, Claire Hayes & Natalie Hoffman).

In addition, Christine won the Women’s 45-54 prize, whilst Kev Ford was first Male 60+.

Results are here.

Photos here at 1 mile. Photos here at 12 miles.

40175871962_8aef480e33_oStrong winds added to the challenge of a tough undulating course at the Stamford Striders Valentines 30K. The race is used by many as a training run for those building towards a Spring marathon, as was the case with race winner Aaron Scott who will be on the elite start at the Virgin Money London Marathon in April.

The club were well represented with three runners in the top 10, including a podium place for Craig Taylor in 3rd with a tremendous time of 1:48:56.

Results are here. Photos are here.

Looking ahead to this weekend, on Saturday the club’s parkrun challenge visits Melton Mowbray whilst on Sunday it’s the final race in the East Midlands Cross Country league at the permanently moist Trent Meadows bogfest. The positions in numerous categories are still up for grabs. These races are free for all club members, but you must wear your club vest.



Last week in running

dsc-4065_origOn Sunday a handful of HPRC members tackled the Charnwood Hills Race, the only fell race in Leicestershire, often simply referred to as “The Bowline.”

Results are here.

On the roads, Stewart Gregory continued his excellent return from injury at the Chichester 10K, where the race finish includes a complete lap of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. This was one of three qualification races for the England Masters 10K team and, in a quality field, his 34:48 placed him 42nd overall, 2nd V50 and will mean he has the honour of wearing an England vest in the Simplyhealth Great Birmingham 10k in May.

The other two qualification races for the the England Age Group 10K are at Trafford and Lincoln. All the details are here.

27629160_544900672547442_7828882625994264162_oAway from racing, it was the club’s annual off-road weekend in Castleton, with groups making use of the great location to explore the snowy Peaks.

peakLooking ahead, this weekend sees some big events in which HPRC will be well represented. On Sunday it’s both the inaugural Leicestershire Half Marathon at Prestwold and the 25th running of the Stamford Striders St Valentines 30K. Sunday also sees the rescheduled Keyworth Turkey Trot, which was cancelled in December due to poor weather. Let’s hope the prize turkeys are still edible and that the snow doesn’t strike twice!

As always, keep on eye on the race calendar for dates of upcoming events.



Last week in running


On Saturday it was the Midland Cross Country Championships, at a particularly boggy Wollaton Park.

Results are here.

The men’s team placed 19th/38 whilst the ladies were 12th/34.


The double header was completed by the third race in the East Midlands XC League, in the hilly Colwick Woods.

Results are here.

Photos are here.

Both the men and ladies teams are well positioned in the overall tables.

The final race in the series is at Trent Meadows on February 18th.


In the middle of the sandwich, on Saturday night it was the club’s Annual Dinner where the achievements of the past year were celebrated. Congratulations to this year’s trophy winners.

Chairman’s Trophy – Glyn Sawford
Ladies Captain’s Trophy
– Sarah Tyler
Men’s Captain’s Trophy
– Peter Savage
Ladies Newcomers Cup
– Hannah Sampson
Men’s Newcomers Cup
– Rob MacDonald
Ladies Fell Championship
– Amanda Hibbert
Men’s Fell Championship
– David Greenwood
parkrun challenge
– Alex Loach

Welcome to our new website

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