Track is Back!

Following the successful return of Monday night club runs, Tuesday night track sessions are now starting again at Bingham Leisure Centre on 13th October at 8 pm!

This is managed through the same booking system as the Monday night runs, with a ‘Track’ option to select alongside the other Monday night paces.

If you happen to sign up on the Monday or Tuesday, you’ll be signing up for the session on the following week (not the one the next day or that day!).

In order to remain ‘Covid-secure’ these will initially be limited to 2 groups of 12. Each group will have a leader taking the session. As with the Monday nights, we’ll try this approach for a month and then review it. 

We don’t know yet how much demand we will get but hopefully, everyone will get to run. You’ll receive a confirmation email if you are successfully booked in on the Friday before the session. 

Please note, you cannot access the leisure centre building for any reason. This means there are no toilets or changing facilities.  We will share details of how to access the track once you have booked onto a session.

As always, if you’ve got any suggestions or questions, please could you email them to so we can ensure they are dealt with in the most consistent way possible.

Covid Update – limited re-start from 7th September

Over the past few weeks, our Covid working group has been considering how we can best resume club training activities. In line with Government guidance we will be starting with a limited return to club activity from 7th September. As a road running club who primarily use public paths and roads for training we don’t feel that we can create a Covid-secure Environment for a full return to training, which therefore means we are limited to multiple groups of 6 people. We are hopeful that following a successful trial period we will be able to look at how we can safely increase group size and the number of members who can join sessions. We’ll also be looking at how we can re-start track sessions in the autumn.

From 7th September we will be re-starting club nights on Mondays only with initially four groups of six runners, each with a leader and at a set pace. We will be setting up a booking system so that members can register for the session. Details will be emailed to members each week. We’re sorry that we will only be able to accept club members at this stage.

Full details and Covid guidance will be sent to those booked in for the sessions.

Please email any queries to our Covid co-ordinator –

Covid Update 1st July

Quite a few members have been asking us what we’re planning to do about resuming club activities as restrictions ease and we’re looking forward to getting back to training and racing again as soon as possible. First of all, we’re governed by the advice of England Athletics, who have provided a helpful route map to recovery which links to the government’s COVD-19 recovery strategy and an infographic

At the moment, we’re at step 2 of the route map, which means that exercise is only allowed in groups of no more than 6 in public outdoor spaces. As all of our official club training activities can include a lot more people than that, we can’t resume any official club activities. There is also no face to face competition so it’s not possible to hold Lake Handicap or Dream Mile races at the moment.

The England Athletics guidance says that:

Clubs should consider alternative virtual options for group training, coaching and committee meetings.

  • We’ve already held one virtual Lake Handicap and a number of virtual challenges, which have generated a lot of enthusiasm and have given people a lot of fun. We’re hoping that there will be more of these in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve been holding committee meetings and the AGM by Zoom for the last several months.

Liaise with venue operators for updates and guidance.

  • We’re keeping in contact with the Water Sports Centre so that we’re informed about their plans for re-opening.

Covid-19 Co-ordinator identified in each club to take responsibility for club plan and risk assessments. This must be in place before any activity can happen.

  • We think it will be best to form a small group for this – if you’d like to help, please email us.

In the meantime, as it is now possible for us to meet in small groups we’re encouraging people to arrange this amongst themselves. The club Facebook page can be used for this, but please don’t advertise this as an unofficial club night, to avoid any confusion. Please also be mindful of the England Athletics and government guidance when you train together.

We’re heartened to see so many people out enjoying running and it’s been great to see the camaraderie which has come out of our virtual events. We’re grateful to those who have helped organise these. We’ll be keeping a close eye on changes to guidance in the coming weeks and months with a view to reopening up face to face club activities as it becomes safe to do so.

HPRC Committee

AGM Update

Thanks to all of you who joined us for our first virtual AGM. In the end we had over 100 members present and we were able to make the constitution change that will allow us to to conduct the usual business of an AGM with a smaller quorum, whilst keeping the safeguard of 20% of members having to be present to make changes to the constitution.

We were able to confer life membership on three members who have made outstanding contributions to the club over many years, Sandy Poole, Derek Poole and Glyn Sawford.

We elected a new ladies captain, Janet Aktinson, and we welcome Mark Rose as our new treasurer and Matthew Grainge to the new committee. We thank William Scott for his years of service as treasurer, Jean Inglis for her legendary levels of commitment as ladies team captain and Kev Ford, who has also stepped down.

New committee

Covid-19 Update

An update in response to new guidance for exercise

Covid-19 remains a significant threat and we are still some way from a resumption of athletics competition. At this time the priority of Holme Pierrepont Running Club remains the health, safety and well-being of our members and the wider community.

We recognise that there have been some changes in the guidance regarding sports and exercise.  The official Government ‘Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England‘ was last updated on 1 June 2020. England Athletics has responded to this by issuing a ‘Guidance update for restricted return to activity (for coaches, leaders, athletes, runners and facilities’ (also updated 1 June 2020).

At present, The National Water Sports Centre remains closed, as does Bingham leisure centre, as such we have decided that all official club-related activities remain suspended. We are hoping to organise a meeting with the National Water Sports Centre in the near future to discuss with them how we can return to using their facilities, following any specific requirements they have once they reopen.

For many of us, continuing to run has been a lifeline in this stressful period. We recognise that club members may now choose to run and train together in groups of no more than six as stipulated in the revised Government and England Athletics guidance. To keep ourselves safe while doing this, let’s make sure that we are all following these key points from the guidance: social distancing of at least 2 metres should be maintained between people exercising together at all times;if you are symptomatic or living in a household with someone else who has a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection you should remain at home.if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because you are a contact of a known COVID-19 case, do not exercise outside your own home or garden and do not exercise with others We think that our club’s community network has been a great help in this period, supporting and encouraging each other through social media contact, virtual races and practical assistance. Thank you to everyone who has been involved with the organisation of events and to all you who have joined in with any of the virtual events, challenges etc.

We hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well and we look forward to seeing you back at the club in the future. In the meantime, it would be great to see you virtually at our AGM on the 18th June.

Many thanks,

HPRC committee

Happy running! And stay safe and healthy…

Club Records Updated

There’s no racing at the moment, but several members managed to set new records before lockdown since our last update late last year. There update features new records on road and track in both the mens and womens categories. There’s a new all-time club record in the half marathon for Dan Bagley and several inaugural records in categories which haven’t been run by members before.

Club Records

CoViD-19 HP Virtual Relay!

In these strange and worrying times where races are cancelled and even social runs are a big no no, our friends at RAC have shared a great idea that will boost morale and be FUN!

Come and join us in the CoViD-19 HP Virtual Relay!  Register HERE


There are 2 teams – Odds and Evens. Your year of birth dictates which team you are in. For example, if you’re born in 1980, you are an “Even”. You get the idea? The relay kicks off on Sunday 22/03/20 (hopefully) with a random name picker app selecting the first 2 runners. …We may nominate 2 captains or may not!

Where can you run (or jog, skip, walk, hop if you’re injured!) I hear you ask?… anywhere – if you can do it outside – great! If not  – on a treadmill (not in a public gym!),  around your backyard, your living room, up and down the stairs – whatever is possible for you!

The relay will continue until the virus ends or we get bored. At that point, The winning team will be the one with most distance covered.


  1. The first runners for each team will be selected by a random name selector (already done). If you are picked, please confirm that you can run that day. Don’t worry if you can’t, you’ll get another chance and you can just select the next runner in your team from the google sheet here:
  2. Each runner runs for 19 minutes (aka a “Hardcastle”) and records the distance covered – via Strava, GPS or “old skool” (OS map and a piece of cotton).
  3. Each runner MUST carry a baton. The sillier, the better. There probably will or will not be prizes…
  4. Once a runner completes their run, they must post pictures of themselves and their baton plus the distance covered on Facebook (or email, who will post it) then update their time in the google sheet (in step 1) and also nominate some one on the same team from the sheet – if they don’t nominate someone, Lisa can use the random name picker to select the next runner.
  5. The team that has covered the most ground at the end of the challenge, wins the much-coveted Covid-19 trophy!
  6. In the event of a draw, no one will care.
  7. Each team must include athletes of all ages, genders and haircuts.
  8. Each team can “play their joker”. That runner gets double distance!
  9. Daftness is encouraged.
  10. It is a competition, but no one cares who wins.
  11. Expect the rules to change mid-relay.

All Club Activities Suspended

Following the announcement about the next stage in the government’s Covid-19 response, all HPRC group activities – including the club and track nights – are suspended until further notice.

England Athletics have also advised that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of May.

EA’s latest updates can be accessed any time using

Notts AAA Summer League Race #1 at Hexgreave has been cancelled.

The Grand Prix has now been cancelled, we’ll review events as guidance changes and as they approach in the calendar.

Further updates will appear on the club Facebook page and in future e-mails.