Victory to the Ladies

It was victory again to the ladies in the annual challenge against the V50 men last night. A last-minute change to the course was needed due to an accident on Radcliffe Road, so it was run over a roughly 2 mile out and back this year. Well done to everyone for getting the race on. It also gave us a chance to test our new chip timing system which we’re hoping to introduce to the Grand Prix next year.

There wasn’t much in it, with the ladies winning by 21 seconds.

Full results with adjusted times

Club Champs 2019 updated to end October

A new file has been added to the club championships page with all known results over the five CC distances to the end of October. Please let me (John Oldfield) know via FB or email if you think I’ve missed a race of yours (or made a mistake). A list of the leaders in each category is in the October Running Free, with just over a month to the end of the championship year.

2019 Club Championships

Hill Sessions Are Back

As the autumn leaves start falling, it’s a sure sign that the start of the hill sessions is upon us from this Thursday, 24th October at Selby Road. It’s best to be well warmed up for the session to avoid injury, so we recommend running out with the group from HP at 7pm. Otherwise, you can meet the group at Selby road for a 7.25 start.

New Steady Pace Group on Monday Nights

Starting on 2nd September, there will be a Monday night regular steady pace club run. This group will not have a set pace, but will run at the pace of the slowest in the group, so all abilities welcome (it will be a run though, not a run-walk). Each Monday, one or two members of the club will lead a run of between 4 and 5 miles depending on what the group want to do. Start and finish at NWSC, same as usual Monday night club runs. Just mention to the duty runner and they will point you to the right group.

We will trial this for 3-4 months to see if there is a demand, so if you are interested please do come along!

Date Leaders
02-Sep Jo Chalmers Ruth Coates
09-Sep Katie Holmes Jess Shanks
16-Sep Helly Jeikel Peter Gale
23-Sep Ruth Coates Sue Whitehead
30-Sep Lauren Johnson Christine Heaton
07-Oct Richard Ranby Chris Hill
14-Oct Darren Fisher
21-Oct Jo Chalmers Sue Whitehead
28-Oct Nigel and Karen Harrison Christine Heaton

Dream Mile Results 2019

Philip Nind was first over the line in 4:39, closely followed by Oliver Matharu. Four runners broke 5 minutes. It was great to see over 50 runners taking part.

Full results:

Pos Name Time
1 Philip Nind 04:39
2 Oliver Matharu 04:41
3 James Kirkwood 04:56
4 Jon Fox 04:59
5 Neil Cooper 05:01
6 Graham Moffatt 05:03
7 Rich Baldwin 05:10
8 Rob Stewart 05:11
9 Rob Nason 05:13
10 Duncan Martindale 05:15
11 Will Meredith 05:18
12 James Sampson 05:34
13 Colin Hallam 05:41
14 Simon Leadley 05:43
15 Kevin Ford 05:44
16 Simon Ross 05:44
17 John Hillier 05:50
18 Joseph Eccles 05:53
19 Glyn Sawford 05:56
20 Jason Randall 05:58
21 Marc Faulder 05:59
22 Fran Santos 06:01
23 Rob Smith 06:03
24 Jack Tomlinson 06:05
25 Cat Marygold 06:12
26 Darren Fisher 06:12
27 Eaun Henderson 06:13
28 Chris Davsion 06:14
29 Joon Wee Ho 06:16
30 James Nichols 06:16
31 Gordon Barnard 06:23
32 Matthew Warren 06:26
33 Salley Hawes 06:49
34 Jo Chalmers 06:52
35 Christina wadlow 06:52
36 Amy Matharu 06:54
37 Penny Durance 06:55
38 Ian warren 06:57
39 Rachel Grant 07:03
40 Allesandro Chimenti 07:03
41 Rachel Castledine 07:05
42 Robin Denton 07:06
43 Katie Holmes 07:07
44 Kirsty Weedon 07:08
45 Wendy Conibear 07:10
46 Rachel Gardner 07:14
47 Ann Moorhouse 07:36
48 Victoria Webster 07:51
49 Peter Gale 08:09
50 Dick Durance 08:22
51 Christine Oldfield 09:34

Summer League Race 2 (Flowserve, Newark)

What an amazing turnout from the club for the 2nd Summer League race at the Flowserve Sports & Social Club in Newark on Wednesday. This race is now a certified 10k road race, which meant everyone had to shuffle back a fair bit on the night to accommodate what seemed like a record turnout! This made the out and back course seem even narrower than usual but this didn’t daunt our crew. PBs were recorded by many and the results speak for themselves with HP coming up top for all four Senior and Vet teams for both Men and Women on the night and in the overall standings so far.


On the night results:

Senior Mens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 99
2 Mansfield Harriers A 146
3 Sutton Harriers A 210
Vet Mens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 117
2 Mansfield Harriers A 126
3 Long Eaton RC A 131
Senior Womens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 48
2 Notts A C A 77
3 Sutton Harriers A 128
Vet Womens Teams Newark 29th May 2019
Club Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 88
2 Notts A C A 104
3 Erewash Valley A 140

Overall results so far:

Senior Mens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 143 44 99 143
2 Mansfield Harriers A 306 160 146 306
3 Sutton Harriers A 374 164 210 374
Vet Mens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 270 153 117 270
2 Mansfield Harriers A 310 184 126 310
3 Long Eaton RC A 330 199 131 330
Senior Womens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 138 90 48 138
2 Notts A C A 177 100 77 177
3 Southwell R C A 368 182 186 368
Vet Womens Teams Overall
Club Points 24/04/2019 29/05/2019 Points
1 Holme Pierrepont A 156 68 88 156
2 Notts A C A 186 82 104 186
3 Erewash Valley A 237 97 140 237

Please note, these are preliminary results and may be subject to change. For full results see the NOTTS A.A.A website

Welcome Chairman Jogger


Thanks to all of you who came along to our AGM last night. We’ll straighten out the details in due course, but in the meantime we’ll go with our new committee which will be headed as Chair by Neil Devonport, universally AKA Jogger (ironically of course!) Our thanks go to Debbie Smith, who stepped down as Chair after three years to take on a voluntary role with England Athletics. Neil passes on the baton as men’s captain to Will Meredith. We also welcome John Partridge to the committee as Publicity Officer, a role he has started to take on in recent months, and we thank Glyn Sawford and Kev Ford, who are also stepping down this year.

It’s something of an end of an era, as Glyn has given the committee many years’ service, variously as Grand Prix Director, Membership Secretary and editor of Running Free, as well as providing many words of wisdom from his years of experience. No doubt Glyn will be going off to spend more time with his fell shoes, if that’s possible!

Your new committee are:

Chair – Neil Devonport
Vice Chair – Tom Davies
Treasurer – William Scott
Minutes Secretary – Aimee Palace
Events Secretary – Steve Tupholme
Social Secretary – Ann Gould and Emma Cupitt
Publicity Officer – John Partridge
Membership Secretary – Steve Eatherington
Kit Secretary – John Sutherns
Women’s Captain – Jean Inglis
Men’s Captain – Will Meredith
General Member – Keith Jamieson
General Member – Gary Cragg
General Member – Christine Heaton

We still have one vacancy for a general member, who the committee can co-opt, so if you’re interested, have a word with one of us or email