Lake Handicap

This is a series of 3 races around the lake for club members, run on a handicap basis.

Runners are given a handicap time based on past performance, or estimated 5K time for new runners, and then set off at intervals starting with the slowest time. The winner is the first to cross the line.

The series winner is calculated on the total placings in the three races.

In 2020 we had to go virtual, in 2021 we’re hoping to have some real races later in the year but the first race will be virtual.

Please note that virtual times do not count for records purposes.

Provisional dates

3-9 May (virtual)

5 July

6 September

Past winners

2020 George Kujawinski

2019 Marc Faulder

2018 Joon Ho

2017 Howard Partridge

2016 Sarah Tyler

2015 Keith Jamieson

2014 Martin Spencer

2013 Katie Holmes

2012 Glyn Sawford

2011 Sophie Walsh

2010 Neil Hamilton

2009 Tess Clarke

2008 Steve Belcher

2007 Jean Inglis

2006 Steve Page

2005 William Scott

2004 Dave Bland

2003 Lynda Appleby

2002 Keith Jamieson

2001 Glyn Sawford

2000 Simon Harris

1999 Sheila Elliott

1998 Kate McManus

1997 Neil Hamilton

1996 Jane Rollins

1995 Mike Lusty